Quick-Thinking Police Officers Save Newborn’s Life

In a remarkable turn of events, two police officers in Alexandria, Virginia, recently saved a newborn baby’s life, showcasing the true spirit of service and dedication.

The Alexandria Police Department (APD) shared on Facebook how Officers Hiltz and Reilly responded to a 9-1-1 call just after midnight on June 10. The call led them to an apartment on Executive Avenue where a newborn baby had been delivered unexpectedly and was not breathing.

Officer Hiltz immediately started performing CPR on the lifeless baby while Officer Reilly managed the family’s distress. After two rounds of CPR, they detected a faint pulse, and soon after, the baby began to cry. The relief and joy were palpable as the baby, named Luis IV, showed signs of life.

The mother and baby Luis were both in good health after the incident. The baby was briefly monitored in the hospital’s NICU before being allowed to go home with his family.

Officer Hiltz, reflecting on the experience, said, “It felt amazing to hear him cry. In that moment all the stress and fear of the situation just left me.” Hiltz, who has been with the APD for over four years, added, “Getting to help baby Luis and his family makes this job so rewarding and worth it.”

The APD praised the officers for their life-saving actions. The EMS Lieutenant at the scene and the emergency room doctor both commended Officers Hiltz and Reilly for their exemplary work.

This incident underscores the dedication of our law enforcement officers who go above and beyond their duty to protect and serve. Their bravery and quick thinking in a moment of crisis prevented a family from enduring an unimaginable loss.

In a time when we often hear about the negative aspects of our society, stories like this remind us of the inherent goodness and heroism that still exists. The actions of Officers Hiltz and Reilly reflect the best of our community, demonstrating that courage and compassion are alive and well.