Recent Poll Shows That Americans Are Really Concerned About Baby Formula Shortage

A recent poll, conducted by the leftist think tank and polling firm Data for Progress, shows that many American voters are concerned about the shortage of baby formula that the nation is currently facing.

This poll was conducted between May 20th and May 24th with more than 1,100 correspondents, out of which around 94% of the voters showed concern regarding the ongoing baby formula shortage.

Moreover, 53% of the correspondents claimed that they were very concerned about the situation, with about 31% saying they were somewhat concerned and 10% claiming they were a little concerned. The remaining 6% said that they weren’t worried at all.

According to the poll results with regard to the party lines, around 94% of Democrats were worried about the baby formula shortage, as compared to the 95% of GOP members who were also worried about the issue.

Nearly 92% of independent voters, who are growing in political significance as a voting group, said they were concerned about the matter.

Furthermore, following the FDA’s approval, as far as importing baby formula products from abroad was concerned, around 82% of correspondents were in favor of the government’s decision. However, 10% of correspondents opposed this idea.

Around 88% of correspondents believed that there should be a crackdown against those sellers who are increasing the price of baby formula products in their stores and taking unfair advantage of the shortage. Whereas, only 6% of the correspondents were against this.

Although the poll has a ±3% margin of error, it clearly showed what American voters really felt about the issue.

In February, the FDA reported that the baby formula products were recalled by Abbott Nutrition, after 4 infants lost their lives as a result of bacterial infections caused by unhygienic conditions at Abbott’s production facilities.

However, Abbott has come to an agreement with the FDA on restarting production at the health care company’s Sturgis plant as soon as possible. A new batch of baby formula is bound to take several weeks, due to which families might not receive any relief till then.

News Channel 3 reported that even though the plant will start operating again in the next two weeks, it would take nearly eight more weeks for the product to reach shelves. Baby formula shelves have been almost empty nationwide.