‘Red Handed’: Hunter Biden Caught In LA Doing What The White House Said He Wouldn’t

It’s safe to say that Hunter Biden learned everything he knows from his father, President Joe Biden. Joe has pushed forward companies that federal energy sector employees hold stock shares in and recently visited a job site that Clayco was working on after their Chief gave him $260,000 in donations.  

Now, Hunter’s artwork is the coolest thing to have on your wall if you can afford it. The price tags are upwards of $500,000 per piece, and after the White House “promised” Americans that Hunter’s art sales would be ethical and without influence, it seems they lied once again.  

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said there would be no ethical violation because Hunter wouldn’t know who the buyers were. The New York Post proved that untrue when they told that Hunter attended an art show where his paintings were displayed and mingled with around 200 potential buyers. Richard Painter, the former chief ethics officer for George W. Bush, said that the Los Angeles art show “just illustrates how this veil-of-secrecy idea is not happening.”  

Joe has to be proud of his son and his unethical accomplishments. If the Biden’s didn’t have unethical achievements, they wouldn’t have accomplishments at all. The New York show has been pushed off until the spring, but the LA show is continuing.  

Painter noted that when buyers purchase artwork, they don’t hide it. They put it on the walls of their homes. Their rich friends come over and see Hunter’s artwork and the cats out of the bag. The painter also said that to ensure that the artwork sales didn’t compromise Joe, the White House shouldn’t allow the artwork to be sold until after Joe leaves the White House. 

The Daily Mail posted a picture of Sugar Ray Leonard at the art show with his arm around Hunter. Hunter had a great time smiling and taking pictures with guests.  

Interestingly, campaign funds of $260,000 can give Clayco the courtesy of Joe’s visit to their job site, but $500,000 will be ethical and in no way a campaign contribution to Joe. Does Joe get 10%, or is that deal off the table? Can anyone get ahold of Hunter’s laptop from the Russian drug dealers that supposedly stole it? 

Psaki recently pointed reporters to the art gallery owner in Hollywood, California, to answer questions about the Ambassador-Designate to India, Eric Garcetti. He was seen at Hunter’s art show. Psaki said that the gallerist and Hunter ran the arrangement, and questions about the event should be asked to the gallerist or Hunter’s representatives. Psaki said she didn’t have additional details to give. 

Psaki was also asked about Joe’s campaign promise to be transparent, and she said that she was transparent about the recommendations given to the gallerist. That’s a pathetic response from an apathetic administration.