Rep. Comer Discusses Investigation into Biden Family Profiting with ‘Our Adversaries’

Appearing on Newsmax, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) asserted that there is no doubt that the Biden family has profited over the years from President Joe Biden’s influence in Washington, D.C., as a senator, vice president, and then president, and that “they’ve done it with countries that are our adversaries.”

In the interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Wednesday, Comer went on to say that the Biden family’s business dealings will be investigated by the House Oversight Committee, should the Republicans retake control of the House in the November midterms.

“We’re talking about Russia, Ukraine, China, and potentially some countries in the Middle East,” the Kentucky congressman said. “You’re going to see the Republicans hold very transparent hearings. We’re not going to stack a committee [like] Democrats did on Jan. 6.”

According to Comer, the bipartisan oversight committee will instead investigate Hunter Biden and his associates’ business activities in a “fair and balanced” way. The Kentucky Republican noted that the many progressive members of Congress on the committee will be allowed to counter the questions posed during the investigation.

“We’re not going to be partisan, and we’re going to hold this administration accountable,” he said.

Surprisingly, the mainstream media has actually begun to pick up reports on Hunter Biden and the investigation the Oversight Committee is doing, Comer added, pointing out that even Democrats have started to realize that the president’s son is a liability that will not be easy to overcome.

“We have evidence, emails, voice mails, damning evidence on Hunter Biden,” the GOP congressman said.

Comer went on to theorize that the mainstream media may be picking up reports on the president’s son because Democrats have finally figured out that Biden “cannot win in 2024.”

“They realize that Joe Biden’s policies are going to cost them dearly in the midterms,” he said. “They are going to cost them the House majority, probably the Senate majority, and they want to change horses in 2024.”

Despite members of both parties saying that he is not going to be capable of handling the 2024 presidential race, Biden continues to claim that he is the “only guy” that can win in the Democrat Party, ignoring the fact that his party and their allies in media are starting to distance themselves from him. According to Comer, the mainstream media has begun to seize on the party’s doubts as an opportunity to report on the potential crimes of Hunter Biden.

“Everyone in America can see that it’s not just Hunter Biden. It’s Joe Biden’s brother Jim, and it’s the president. This is a crime family,” he said.

Comer also asserted that Biden is incapable of motivating his base, stating that the Democrat Party “feels there’s a crisis now with many of their liberal policies under attack in the Supreme Court,” and because there is a high potential for the GOP to retake the majority in Congress in November.

“I think the mainstream media is going to help the Democrat Party find a new charismatic candidate for 2024,” Comer predicted.