Rep. Fleischmann: Democrats See What’s Coming

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda,” Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) claimed that Democrats came together to pass the so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ because they see what is going to happen in the upcoming November midterm elections.

During the interview, the Tennessee congressman pointed to Democrats’ poll numbers, asserting that they see how bad they are doing because of their radical agenda.

“Their polling is horrible with independents, with many Democrats. Of course, it’s horrible with Republicans. They see the train coming and what they’re doing — they’re coalescing around a radical left-wing agenda, and they wanted to codify parts of their New Green Deal, which is bad for America,” Fleischmann said.

“It’s them picking winners and losers, and the American people are the losers,” he continued. “I rarely take to the floor, but yesterday I said this is the burning ember that is burning the American people one last time before they [Democrats] lose the majority.”

“It’s a bad bill on the energy side,” Fleischmann added. “There are other parts of the bill that are just shocking: $80 billion for the IRS, 87,000 more IRS agents. But on the energy side it’s bad. It raises taxes at a time when we’re in a recession; it’s hurting producers.”

The Tennessee congressman noted that the Republicans did not have enough votes in either chamber of Congress to prevent the bill from passing.

“I couldn’t have picked a time for a worse bill. We just didn’t have the votes to stop it,” Fleischmann said. “Not one voted for it in the House, not one Republican voted for it in the Senate. That should be a call to the American people that it’s a horrific bill.”

Fleischmann went on to argue that the Democrats’ legislation does not accomplish what they told the American people it would.

“This is just a sweetheart deal put together by the Democrats, and it doesn’t even accomplish what they said it would do,” the GOP congressman said.

“Eighty-seven billion dollars, 87,000 more IRS agents: What are they going to be up to? I’d say no good. That’s six times the current IRS budget. It dwarfs the budget of many other federal agencies,” Fleischmann continued.

“It shows you where the hearts and minds are with the radical left in the Democratic Party,” he added. “They support big government. They support intrusion into our rights. They don’t trust the American people.”

“I trust the American entrepreneur. Americans are overtaxed, not under taxed and I think it’s high time we had Republicans start talking about the fact that economic freedom and political freedom are inseparable. The Democrats basically want to infringe on those freedoms. Republicans want to support entrepreneurs, support growth. … They’re going to push us into recession. Every step of the way Democrats picked the wrong thing,” Fleischmann concluded.

Fleischmann also spoke out against the bill while on the floor of the House, stating that he stands with the American people, not with the IRS and not with raising taxes, especially at a time when the people are struggling.