Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) Forecasts IRS Assault On Middle Class

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) predicts the presence of the IRS’s new policies, along with their addition of 87,000 new IRS agents will be felt most by middle-class families.

Brady, the top republican in the House Ways and Means Committee, shared his view that the IRS will set their sights on “value shoppers.” That’s another way of saying the IRS will target bargain-hunting families with young children, which makes up a large portion of the middle-class.

Kevin Brady has been outspoken about the negative effects the Biden administration has had on our economy. He’s smart in his assumption that the Inflation Reduction Act, passed in mid-August, won’t improve the already dire situation. “It’s going to raise taxes on middle-class families,” said Brady on “Just News, Not Noise.”

Brady went on to claim that the beefed-up IRS workforce will result in over 700,000 new audits Kevin Brady. “Why in heaven’s name is Joe Biden and his White House harassing and picking on the working-class families that they’ve most damaged since they’ve gone to the White House?”

Patrick Hedger, Executive Director of Taxpayer Protection Alliance, appeared on the same segment to give his take that laziness is why the IRS is suddenly targeting working-class families. “If you got a government job,” began Hedger, “you’re not going to make the hardest effort to go after some billionaire that’s got an army [of] accountants and lawyers able to fight back.”

Although I agree that many government employees are equal parts lazy and incompetent, I’m not ready to let the Biden administration off that easy.

If the Biden administration’s goal was to destroy the middle-class, what would they have done differently up to this point? Covid lockdowns, inflation, and shutting down domestic oil production are three things you’d do only if crippling middle America was the objective.

Middle-class Americans are the epitome of American independence itself. The most important aspect is that they don’t rely on the government. The overall goal of the Biden administration is to change that. Legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act will continue making government dependents out of formerly self-sufficient families and individuals.

The U.S. Government’s power is amplified with each new dependent they create. Destruction is what democrats do best, and destroying the middle-class is the main reason for their madness.