Rep. Sessions: Dems Are Shocked Their Plans Aren’t Working

Appearing on Newsmax’s “America Right Now” on Saturday, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) pointed out that the Democrats seem to be shocked that their plans and policies don’t work when put into practice.

Instead of making things better for the American people, the left’s radical policies have been making things much worse, and they don’t seem to understand it.

“It’s like they don’t even understand that big government, big government spending, and the policies that they advocate are ruining this country,” Sessions said. “What’s even better for us is President Biden cannot stand it that President Trump’s numbers were much, much larger and better.”

It’s because under Trump, “we had the highest number of people working,” Sessions added. “We had great gas prices at the pump that was half of what they are today. America was happy. The stock market was great; savings were great. But better than that, we had respect and authority in other countries… now that has entirely changed.”

In less than two years, Biden and the Democrats have destroyed all of that, with gas prices at a historic high of almost $5 per gallon, and inflation reaching a four-decade high as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the Consumer Price Index rose 8.6% between May 2021 and May 2022.

The Democrats are “making friends with inflation,” according to Sessions.

“For the longest time, [Treasury Secretary] Janet Yellen and all the Democrats have said this inflation is not going to stick, but the Treasury Department and the Fed keep dumping $110 billion in the economy, which means that big government spending is still underway,” the Texas Republican said.

Sessions went on to discuss issues that congressional Republicans are concerned about beyond the economy, such as the politicization of the DOJ and holding the FBI and federal law enforcement accountable following the arrests of former Trump adviser Peter Navarro and other Republicans conveniently timed just as the midterms near and the January 6 committee begins its televised primetime hearings.

“Let’s remember in January I presume that we will win back the majority, and it means that we will be able to call as witnesses these people that do need to answer the specific questions,” the congressman said.

“They know that they are overusing heavy-handed tactics,” Sessions added. “This is where the politicization of the Department of Justice has a lot to do with what people look at and see as fairness, and it is not fairness… lots of people try and make sense of this and they ask me, ‘Is it really this way?’ And I have to tell them it really is that way. We are, well, the balance of not only what makes sense, but what’s the proper role in the authority of government.”