Report: Border Patrol Rescued Children Abandoned By Human Smugglers

Under the leadership of the Biden administration, the negative effects of illegal immigration continue to play out. This not only involves unlawful crossings, but also increased activities from the likes of human smugglers, drug traffickers, and human traffickers.

The warnings of these consequences continue to fall on deaf ears.

No one in the Biden administration has taken measured action to fix the problems on the southern border. White House officials also continue to turn up their noses at Republican governors on border states who are trying to get matters under control.

Now, the result of this chaos has been human smugglers abandoning very young children at the southern border.

Border Patrol Officials to the Rescue
Days ago, human smugglers left a child who wasn’t even two years old in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, along with a four-month-old infant.

Apparently, the smugglers expected these children to eventually pass away. Although thanks to officials working at the Tucson Sector of the southern border, these children are going to be alright.

After being discovered by authorities, both minors were transported to a hospital in order to receive medical care. They’ve since been discharged, however, and remain in the custody of Border Patrol.

There have been no reports on the whereabouts of these children’s parents thus far. Border Patrol only learned of these minors’ locations after the arrest of other migrants attempting illegal entry.

The Bleak Legacy of the Biden Administration
Despite the White House’s refusal to get ahold of the southern border, Americans are continuing to point out the grave issues with unfettered illegal immigration.

Republicans are making it known that Biden’s priorities are in the wrong place. Very recently, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pointed out that instead of Biden empowering the IRS with thousands of new agents, his focus should be on securing the southern border.

DeSantis isn’t the only one to drive this point home. His counterparts in Arizona and Texas are likewise continuing to hold the administration accountable for its inaction as chaos spreads.

Now, Arizona and Texas are also taking matters regarding illegal immigration into their own hands. Both border state governors made it clear they’ll no longer wait for Biden to come around and do the right thing.