Report Claims Joe Biden Concerned He Could Be Dead Before Son’s Legal Woes Resolved

A new report has alleged that President Joe Biden is privately expressing concern that he could be dead before Hunter Biden’s legal problems are resolved, especially as it appears his legal issues could worsen in the near future.

Last week, Special Counsel David Weiss issued an indictment against Hunter Biden on three gun charges related to making false statements on a federal firearm purchase form in 2018. These charges could amount to 25 years in prison, though Hunter’s lawyers insist that the charges will be dismissed before the trial even begins.

Meanwhile, White House insiders have spoken to several left-wing media outlets about the Biden family’s response to the indictment — as well as potential future legal problems Hunter Biden could face.

Citing several unnamed sources close to the president, the New York Times reported: “The possibility of a federal indictment of Hunter Biden stunned the president.”

After Weiss announced the indictment, the president and First Lady Jill Biden became “resigned to the fact that Hunter’s legal problems will likely worsen in the months ahead,” according to a source close to the Bidens who spoke with NBC News.

Hunter Biden could also be facing charges for tax violations “soon,” according to The Washington Post.

“Biden, 80, has even since lamented aloud that he might be dead before his son’s case would be resolved,” the source told NBC News.

The New York Times noted in their reporting that Joe and Hunter Biden are very close, as they speak on the phone often and even “occasionally” discuss politics. The outlet previously described Hunter as the president’s “informal adviser” — asserting that the president’s son had even shaped his father’s speeches.

Joe Biden has repeatedly defended his son in regard to the criminal allegations against him, dismissing any evidence that points to Hunter’s illicit foreign business dealings and insisting that he is “proud of him.”

“My son’s done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him. And it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him,” the president said during an interview with MSNBC in May.

Meanwhile, Jill Biden’s former press secretary Michael LaRosa characterized the relationship between Joe and Hunter Biden as far more toxic.

“Every day, this president wakes up and thinks about his deceased son and probably cries every day. And the weight of [Hunter Biden’s legal troubles] is equally emotionally taxing,” he told NBC News.