Report: Gross Mistreatment Continues To Afflict J6 Political Prisoners

Political prisoners jailed for involvement with the Jan. 6 Capitol protests continue to suffer ongoing mistreatment at the hands of city correctional officers alleged to have been targeting and tormenting the prisoners over their political beliefs and circumstances and are now sounding the alarm on the Washington, D.C., correctional facility they have been housed in over a blaring, ear-piercing noise shrieking across the cellblock for weeks.

The prisoners who have been housed in pod C3A, also known as the “Patriot Pod,” have asked the public to urge Congress to force an inspection of the facility, citing gross mistreatment and even torture.

Numerous prisoners who have filed complaints about the shrieking noise say it is ongoing throughout the day and night. Some described the noise as construction on the roof of the facility allegedly impacting the sleep of the prisoners.

A reporter from the Gateway Pundit visited the Facility and they confirmed the noise was real and still ongoing to this day. They also discovered some concerning conditions inside the lobby of the facility.

Also deeply troubling are reports from visitors in the jail who have stated they’ve been subject to invasive searches and mistreatment from employees and guards.

Matthew Krol, a notable prisoner jailed for activities related to the Jan. 6 Capitol protests, claims he suffered a heart attack while in custody at the D.C. correctional facility and has been alleging medical neglect from the staff.

He and others are part of an ongoing legal battle for improved medical treatment while being held by reportedly hostile and aggressive government employees.

The lawsuit states that Krol has not been receiving his medications on time — and sometimes not at all. The case is currently being stalled in court to ensure it doesn’t go to trial anytime soon.

Congress has rarely brought up the D.C. facility or the treatment of the inmates being held there, which has resulted in extreme criticism toward its members as concerns regarding accountability and fair trials in our legal system seem to go ignored in the ongoing saga of political prisoners enduring long sentences in the shadow of national Black Lives Matter and Ant*fa riots that caused billions of dollars in damage and led to deaths, assaults and looting across the country.

In fact, the only lawmaker to tour the jail so far has been Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who reported hearing tragic stories from the prisoners there and awful accusations against the staff.

The prisoners have asked the Gateway Pundit to encourage the public to reach out to the facility, U.S. Marshals and the D.C. City Council to demand transparency and basic human treatment for everyone incarcerated.

Blatant disregard for the treatment of these political prisoners needs to be addressed by Congress Immediately. All the inmates deserve the right to meet basic needs and they continue to have rights guaranteed to them by our Constitution — whether those rights have already been violated or not.

Those who empathize with the barbaric treatment of these prisoners will be contacting their congressional representatives, U.S. marshals, the facility itself and the D.C. City Council to demand justice for these Americans being held by the Biden regime without access to a fair and speedy trial.