Republican Governors Might Be The Ones To Save America

With a federal government that is utterly monopolized by leftist control and Democrat leaders, the importance of Republican governors cannot be overstated.

At this point, Republican governors are the ones holding the last line of defense against tyranny, totalitarianism, and the utter erosion of freedom. Democrats have made their lack of regard and love of tyranny quite plain.

Democrats want the IRS to spy on banking data of Americans’ private accounts. They also want to force people to take endless vaccines upon the threat of job loss. Right now, the governors of Florida, Texas, and other red states have shown their willingness to fight for the American people.

Moreover, the Next News Network informs Republican governors have figured out a way to alleviate the supply chain’s plethora of problems.

Unlike President Biden, Republican governors understand the importance of taking measured approaches to handle crises when they arrive. It explains why these conservatives view reducing regulations as a critical measure of replenishing products across the United States.

15 Republican governors have therefore thrown their weight behind Operation Open Roads. In a nutshell, Operation Open Roads is about removing federal restrictions that impede trucks from being on the roads for more extended periods.

In a statement, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee explained he urges the Biden administration to modify weight restrictions associated with goods transportation and otherwise get the federal government out of the way.

Republican governors also wrote a joint letter to Joe Biden, pointing out various supply chain problems that require comprehensive solutions. In noting the massive 80,000 shortage of truck drivers, Republican governors explained that loosening specific trucking industry regulations is vital for getting the supply chain back on track.

There is no doubt the logic of these 15 Republican governors is sound. However, the reality here is that Biden doesn’t tend to take good advice.

Unfortunately, over the past several months of Biden’s presidency, he’s continuously demonstrated a pension for throwing fuel onto fires. This president doesn’t listen to anyone who isn’t a radical Democrat.

He makes messes (as seen with the supply chain) and then gets in front of podiums and talks as if all is well. Right now, it’s evident Biden won’t act by his own volition to reduce trucking industry regulations or take other measures pushed for by Republican governors.

However, if these governors can have the court order Biden to take the aforementioned actions, then the supply chain can begin recovering and functioning as it should.