Republican Senator Demands Investigation Into Biden’s Shady China Deal

Unlike the mainstream media, which is still singing the president’s praises, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has called for an immediate investigation into Joe Biden’s oil controversy with China.

Biden recently sent oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to several foreign countries, including China. This, after he claimed to be using the reserves to alleviate some of the economic pressure his energy policies have placed on Americans.

This damning information has yet to receive blowback from Democrats, but Republicans like Hawley want answers.

The senator sent a letter to the Energy Department inspector general “to determine the possibility of gross administrative misconduct with respect to these sales, which may damage American energy security.”

“While Americans are paying record gasoline and diesel fuel prices, the Biden administration appears to have been letting our strategic oil stockpiles flow to foreign countries and entities,” Hawley wrote. He went on th say that, “Critically, the American people deserve answers as to how exactly the Department justified sending oil from the SPR to China. DOE’s recent transfer of nearly one million barrels of oil to UNIPEC is just one concerning example.”

Americans face high inflation and high gas prices that don’t appear to be going down anytime soon. Under the Trump administration, the Keystone XL pipeline was being prepared to make the United States more energy independent. But, when he got into office, Biden swiftly shut down the self-sustaining pipeline resource, making the U.S. dependent on foreign oil.

To make matters worse, Biden has been releasing millions of barrels of oil reserves to Europe and Asia. A whopping 1 million barrels per day are being taken from the reserve as gas prices continue to soar for the American people. This is set to occur until October and the Biden administration claims this bizarre move is to reduce fuel prices somehow.

At this rate, about 260 million barrels will be removed, bringing the reserves to the lowest point since 1985.

Hawley requested an assessment be given to Congress in hopes of stopping the transfer of oil to China and any foreign entities that have ties with the communist country. He also wanted to know if the Defense Department was consulted before the oil reserves were released.

“The process by which oil reserves were released to foreign adversaries such as China merits such investigation,” Hawley wrote.

As Americans continue to suffer at the gas pump, at least we can rest easy knowing that other countries, such as China, are once again taking advantage of Americans in their own country.