Republican Senator Thune: Biden Is Working To End Use Of “Fuel-Based” Vehicles

In a press appearance this weekend, Sen. John Thune (R-SD) argued that Joe Biden is using his energy policies to “push people out of” gas and diesel vehicles.

During the Sunday broadcast of “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s WABC, the Senate Minority whip said that in the name of reforming the nation as “eco-friendly,” the Biden Administration is working to force everyone into electric vehicles.

Thune said the Administration would “crush the economy” and many middle-income working families. He argued that many Americans are simply not going to convert to electric vehicles seamlessly.

He said that it was evident that America must meet its foreseeable energy needs with fuel oil. He added that although the nation has abundant available oil and gas, Democratic policies are “out of whack” with what is being demanded by the “real economy.” According to Thune, the current lack of energy development and production sadly leaves America going “hat-in-hand” to Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia to beg for more energy.

Thune went on to hammer Biden for closing down the North American Keystone XL Pipeline immediately upon taking office while at the same time supporting the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline between Russia and Germany. He said that the irony of Biden shutting down American production while supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s development of his capabilities is “absolute hypocrisy you can’t even fathom.”

The Administration announced earlier this month a plan to allocate $5 billion to states to build out electric vehicle charging stations over the next five years. The funding comes from the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law last year. In announcing the project, the White House reemphasized its plan to push for universal electric vehicle use across the nation. The Administration has promised that at least half of new vehicles sold in the US will be electric or hybrids by 2030.