Republicans Have A Very Smooth Path To Victory In 2022

Throughout 2021, the Democrat Party has set itself up for a monumental defeat during the midterms in 2022. Across the board, Democrats have shown the country they cannot handle being in power.

The political left bears direct responsibility for the inflation crisis in the United States right now. Leftists are likewise accountable for mass illegal immigration at the southern border, the supply chain bottlenecks, the rise of crime, and a litany of other issues.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden doesn’t even take the time to pay attention to what Americans think about his leadership. Biden admitted this during a Jimmy Kimmel interview when he stated that he quit paying any mind to his poll numbers once they started to sink.

The one silver lining to all of this is that the 2022 midterms are coming up in a matter of months. As Newsmax notes, Republicans are very much in a great position to wipe out the left in a massive red wave.

During an interview with Newsmax earlier this week, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham explained all that will be at stake during the 2022 congressional races. He also explained why massive wins for conservative candidates are all but inevitable.

Graham started by noting the historical tendency for the party in power to suffer roughly 25 seat losses in the midterms. Since Republicans only require five more seats to gain back the House majority, their odds of taking back this chamber are higher than ever.

The House of Representatives isn’t the only chamber. Republicans are on course to winning back. The Senate is also applicable. New Hampshire, Arizona, and Georgia Democrats currently hold three Senate seats in highly vulnerable positions.

Graham told Newsmax that Republicans could win back these seats with the proper candidates, flipping the 50-50 Senate over to the GOP. Finally, the Republican senator noted the most pressing matters in these upcoming midterm races would be crime, inflation, and the southern border.

On every one of these issues, Democrats have failed massively.

While Republicans are very much on track to getting this country back on the right course, it’s important not to get complacent. Democrats know they are losing and will become increasingly desperate as November 2022 gets closer.

For these reasons, it is more vital than ever for patriots to be on their guard and alert at all times.