Republicans ‘Keep The Heat’ On The Build Back Better Act

The Build Back Better Act is disastrous legislation that the White House and progressive Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to pass into law. Some of the worst provisions of this bill include Americans’ finances being spied upon by the IRS, along with citizenship for individuals who illegally cross the southern border.

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s refusal to vote for the Build Back Better Act is blocking the passage of this legislation, along with the 50 Republican senators who oppose it.

Progressives have been furious with Manchin’s rejection of Build Back Better. Some House Democrats are even calling for Biden to employ his executive powers as a backdoor means of implementing this bill without congressional approval.

However, as the fight over the Build Back Better Act persists, Republican lawmakers are not letting up, as confirmed by Newsmax.

Over the weekend, Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt condemned the Build Back Better Act as harmful. Blunt told Fox News Sunday that “this legislation’s harm does not cease to exist” just because Democrats choose not to acknowledge it.

Sen. Blunt stated that despite untrue, previous claims from Biden and Democrats, inflation isn’t transitory, but rather, it’s a pressing issue that’s going to last for quite some time to come. Therefore, passing another spending bill is not our nation’s step.

The Missouri lawmaker explained the most conducive steps America can take to improve the nation are not passing Build Back Better. Instead, these steps entail getting people back to work, getting businesses up and running again, and getting the government out of the way.

Blunt then continued by warning against expanding programs like the child tax credit. The senator explained that Democrats want to keep these programs going indefinitely. However, it’s not in the best interest of Americans or the nation at large.

Amid rising calls from progressives for Biden to take executive action as a means of passing his spending bill, there’s a possibility he could try this.

After all, the 46th president tried earlier this year to use executive orders to implement more gun control measures. However, state Republican leaders stepped in to bar state law enforcement from upholding Biden’s anti-Second Amendment orders.

If Biden attempts to use executive orders to pass the Build Back Better Act, he should expect massive pushback from Republican leaders at the state level and potential lawsuits.