Republicans Not Backing Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership Targeted

Donald Trump Jr. has accused some Republicans of “empowering those who impeached” former President Donald Trump. On December 2, the younger Trump targeted Republicans who do not back RINO GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as the next House Speaker.

This comes about four weeks before the Speaker election scheduled for January 3. “So in their quest to ‘own the establishment’ by stopping Kevin McCarthy, Andy Biggs and others are actually in effect empowering those who impeached Donald Trump. This is a Democrat dream come true for a GOP Congress,” Trump jr. stated in a tweet.

For Trump Jr., GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is the best man for the speakership position as endorsed by the older Trump. However, multiple conservative House Republicans have said they would not vote to elect him as Speaker.

In the face of this discord, top conservatives fear that House Democrats might work with some Republicans to oppose McCarthy, though, despite this possibility, it is unlikely that any of the Republicans pushing for a more conservative and consistent Speaker — one who did not use FTX funds to target MAGA Republicans.

With the support of Republicans who do not want McCarthy to be elected as Speaker, Democrats can manage to undercut GOP power and install their candidate of choice. This would only be possible, however, if Republicans vote for a Democrat to take the position.

McCarthy needs to secure 218 votes to win the speakership, with the GOP expected to have a 222-213 House majority. This means that if five Republicans deny him crucial votes and vote against him, in a case where all members vote for a candidate, he will lose the position.

As of now, five Republicans have shared their resolve to go against McCarthy getting elected as Speaker. They include Reps. Ralph Norman (R.NC), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Matt Rosendale (R-MT), Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Bob Good (R-VA). There might be more, as some Republicans have not publicly committed to supporting McCarthy yet.