Retired Army General: After Kabul Attacks, US Faces THREAT From Islamic Extremists ‘Already In Our Country’

According to a retired US Army general, radicalized terrorist supporters already existing in America represent a more significant threat to the US than border security concerns. Retired Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard, a former commanding general of Fort Bliss in Texas, shared his thoughts with Border Report last week following the death of at least 13 US military members, including dozens of Afghan civilians in explosions at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. Pittard, however, is not just knowledgeable about the situation at Fort Bliss; he is also knowledgeable in combating terrorists: according to Border Report, Pittard commanded US forces against ISIS terrorists in Iraq in 2014 after departing Fort Bliss in 2013. Moreover, following the Kabul bombings, several US legislators voiced fear that terrorists may be encouraged by the bloodshed in Kabul to attempt to enter the US and commit similar atrocities on American territory.

Moreover, United States Representative Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, tweeted that suicide bombings occurred in Kabul today and in the United States tomorrow. Therefore, Biden should indeed safeguard the southern border instantly, before it gets too late. However, Pittard told Border Report that the US had an even more significant challenge in terms of domestic security as these extremist groups have already established a foothold in America.

In Afghanistan, terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, or ISIS-K have shown their ability to radicalize already-radicalized citizens. Pittard knows the concerns of border towns, particularly in light of the recent influx of nearly 1.2 million illegal immigrants. Afghan refugees traveling in the United States would be temporarily housed at Fort Bliss in Texas and Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, a new source of concern for El Paso.

On the other hand, officials from the Biden administration have been vague regarding the number of Afghan refugees housed at the Fort Bliss facility. Legislators and community people have expressed worry about how thoroughly those immigrants will be scrutinized for security issues in the United States, among other things. Even the Texas senator made a statement that poor vetting would invite terrorist strikes in the United States.