RFK Jr Frustrated Over Haley’s Recommended Secret Service Protection

Recently, a congressional advisory panel recommended that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) received Secret Service protection. This decision did not sit well with independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has requested Secret Service protection for almost a year.

To share his frustration, Kennedy posted his thoughts on X. He wrote that his request for protection was “the first time in 55 years a candidate has ever been denied” and that giving Haley Secret Service detail was a “double standard.”

According to ABC News, Haley’s request for Secret Service protection comes after being the victim of two swatting calls in her South Carolina home.

Last August, Kennedy spoke to Tucker Carlson about how he gets threats regularly.
“I get a lot of threats, a lot of death threats,” Kennedy told Carlson. “About two weeks ago, a mentally ill person made it to the second story at my house. And that is very, very common.”

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, Kennedy’s campaign had made three requests for protection last year. The first request was received on May 26 and was accompanied by an “expert risk assessment” that was 62 pages long. There was a follow-up on July 7 with an “urgent request” addressed to Mayorkas, which he denied two weeks later.

After the denied request, Kennedy’s home was broken into while he was out of town. The intruder had previously written letters stating that he would put a “bullet in [Kennedy’s] brain.” He was arrested but had been arrested a year prior for a similar offense.

Last September, Kennedy’s private security team arrested a man who was caught impersonating an officer at a speech the presidential hopeful was giving for Hispanic Heritage Month. The man, 44-year-old Adrian Paul Aispuro, was carrying two pistols and a fake U.S. Marshal’s badge.

With Kennedy daring to take on President Joe Biden, the refusal of the Secret Service detail seems political. Kennedy said that not giving him Secret Service protection “is a way to drain my campaign funds and stop the movement we’re building together.”

The Biden administration knows that Kennedy is a threat and could cost him the election due to his popularity.

The hypocrisy of the decision to deny Kennedy protection is that his father, the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, Sr. was the reason behind candidates receiving Secret Service detail after he was assassinated while running for president. His uncle, President John F. Kennedy was also assassinated.

Between the threats to his life and his family history of assassinations, Kennedy not only deserves Secret Service protection, but he should be at the top of the list, not Haley.