Rich Higgins Warned President Trump the Deep State

The efforts of the Deep State to disrupt the Trump administration and drive the president from office were unprecedented, undemocratic and unconstitutional. But because of the media covering for them, this cabal’s actions were not challenged sufficiently by the American people.

In a Memo by Rich Higgins, details of this coup have been revealed.

Higgins was an explosives expert in Iraq during Iraqi Freedom. He became a specialist on insurgency fighting. Terrorists are normally outgunned and retreat to guerilla fighting, often using explosives. Higgins studies the tactics of radicals, their thought processes, methodologies and conduct. This was important knowledge to blunt the attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq and the Middle East.

When he moved to the White House security team, he fostered advanced understanding of terrorism and extremist attacks.

Higgins found that the biggest problem Trump faced to thwart his plans was internal opposition with the US government itself. He was excused from the National Security Council by the General H. R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor. His assessment was that the Trump administration was experiencing sabotage and attempts to delegitimize and eventually eliminate the President.

In 2017, he tried to warn Trump that elements inside the U.S. government were undermining his presidency from within the agencies of the Intelligence Community, and even inside the White House itself. This agenda-driven treason was hard to spot and required a much more vigilant approach than simply hiring the right people.

In 2004, Higgins shaped the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Support (IWS) program. And In 2011, he was in the private sector as a security specialist. Donald Trump asked him to join his team in 2015.

The Trump foreign policy team advanced a doctrine of the United States that faced great opposition from the enemies of America. The adversaries across the globe included state actors, terrorists and guerilla warfare. But the most serious problems came from the coordination of these elements with Americans.