Rick Scott ‘Offers Plan’ For The Restoration Of America As A ‘Constitutional Republic’

Republican Senator Rick Scott (FL) has an 11-Point Plan to eliminate the establishment control of the unelected administrative state and the incestuous relationship between lobby money and the DC swamp of corruption.

Trump’s MAGA plan was never fully realized. He only discovered the tip of the iceberg in many ways when he promised to drain the swamp. But Rick Scott is more familiar with the inner working of the DC Beltway cabal. As the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Director, Scott proposed a strategy that would effectively undercut the uni-party cooperation that hampers this nation.

As part of his 2022 campaign, Scott assumes that Republicans will retake control of the Senate and the House. After the midterms, he would like to immediately see major reforms put in place. Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell and Kevin “The Irishman” McCarthy are two major hurdles for this plan.

Scott encourages the GOP to use the MAGA playbook, disruption, and clarity.

He wants to control public spending and debt obligations. Good. Now that the US debt has surpassed $30 trillion and inflation is rising, are citizens starting to notice? The federal government is a piggy bank for the bribery and corruption considered normal in America. Congress members and their families live off the government’s generosity either directly with cash payments for contracts and donations or through indirect means like gifts and allowances.

Scott is willing to confront the woke horde of leftists trying to teach and propagandize children in school, soldiers in the military, and the public sector workforce. He proposed that any reference to nationality, ethnicity, or race be removed from the government. He should further state that skin color is not a valid criterion for employment. If you want to track what continent an individual’s ancestors came from, Americans can be referred to as Native, European, African, or Asian. Pick One.

He wants to end bureaucratic projects that should be locally managed. All federal requests for quotes and contract agreements must be openly accessible on the web. Congress should force a move to sell off government resources, structures, and land and utilize the returns to pay our public obligation.

Republicans must urge schools to teach American history well, dealing with age-appropriate topics holistically. We should all say the Pledge of Allegiance, respect the American Flag, and sing the National Anthem. To become a naturalized citizen, one must honor the American Constitution. Patriotism and nationalism are not xenophobia and racism. We can discuss our shared past in America as part of the march of freedom, liberty, and justice.

Republicans must support life and state unequivocally that unborn children are infants, people, and human beings inherently valuable. The emergency on the southern border must be addressed. Inaugurating the “President Donald Trump Border Wall” with a great big gate must be finalized. We can wonder aloud why it was not completed in four years and accept that the barriers inside the government prevent a barrier between the US and Mexico.

GOP candidates should remove government financing from metropolitan districts that spurn ICE and immigration regulations and laws by illegally supporting individuals in this nation. Congress must stop the vaccine fiats.

Biden and the leftists pulling his strings are in charge of US foreign policy. Elections have consequences. But the Biden-Harris maladministration botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan and has passively allowed the Russian invasion of Ukraine to proceed on schedule. Scott needs an alliance of legislators in the Senate and the House to push this through.