Riots Erupt in Shanghai as Lockdowns Lead to Starvation

Conditions in Shanghai are becoming more desperate daily as the communist Chinese government continues to enforce brutal lockdowns related to COVID-19 concerns.

Reporter Michael Smith tweeted last Friday that the situation in the city has turned scary. He cited reports of millions of residents struggling for food and elderly people being unable to access vital medication. He added he had seen videos of riots making the rounds on social media as the government’s food deliveries were inadequate.

Shanghai’s 25 million residents have been forced to rely on the central planning efforts of the Chinese government to distribute food while cracking down on enforcing rules on remaining inside at essentially all times.

Chinese state media meanwhile pumps out the predictable propaganda. It reports that the nation’s “dynamic zero-COVID policy” has led to low levels of cases and deaths. It also claims that the policy was the key to successfully hosting the Winter Olympics earlier this year and says that it has allowed China to do “better than most countries” in economic development.

Meanwhile, the elderly and sick are dying in short-staffed hospitals and care facilities whose medical professionals and basic care providers are at home in forced quarantine.

China faces a situation where the government is refusing to lift restrictions at the risk of the public relations problems that would be caused by a wide-scale failure of its medical system but is also risking widespread riots as desperate citizens reach and pass their limits.

Medical patients in the city are reportedly being housed in huge exhibition centers where they are placed side by side with thousands of strangers. The centers are operating without showers and provide no privacy whatsoever.

Makeshift quarantine centers have been set up in vacant factories without hot water, proper sanitation, or blankets.

Only two people from each apartment building are allowed to leave their buildings briefly each day to collect the meager food parcels. Those volunteers must wear full protective hazmat suits and must complete their outside work in two hours.

Unless China finds some way that it can end its “zero COVID policy” in a way that it can accept, people living in unbearable conditions will eventually hit their limit.