Romney Attacks ‘America First’ Sentiment Within GOP

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) expressed skepticism about the growing “America first” sentiment within the Republican Party in a recent MSNBC interview. He said he finds it “unimaginable” that the party of past leaders like Ronald Reagan and John McCain would embrace what he calls “isolationism.”

Notorious RINO and fervently anti-Trump Romney attributed the “America first” term to talk TV and radio hosts like Tucker Carlson, accusing them of saying “outrageous things” that resonate with their populist base.

The Utah senator argued that opponents of interventionism and endless wars forget America’s connection to the world. He suggested that the U.S. puts itself first by being involved globally and “stopping bad guys.”

Romney recently called a contested $96 billion foreign aid package “the most important vote we will ever take as U.S. Senators.” He did not acknowledge the growing war fatigue among GOP voters who are tired of seeing their tax dollars fund conflicts unrelated to protecting Americans’ freedoms and property.

“How about a world where China and Russia control the world and we have our own little island? That’s not a world where Americans are going to be safe or prosperous,” Romney told MSNBC. He argued that American safety and prosperity depend on maintaining the global order of the past 75 years.

Critics may find Romney’s sentiment tone-deaf, especially those struggling financially while hundreds of billions in tax dollars are spent on foreign adventures. They point out that open-ended wars and ongoing military base construction around the world are reducing freedom at home while increasing government costs and debt.