Ron DeSantis Could Be The One To Save America

Under the Biden administration, the federal government has reached troubling levels of tyranny relatively quickly.

Look no further than how Biden is trying to implement nationwide medical mandates. It’s also worth noting the president’s work to do this comes after his own White House admitted mandates of this nature are not within the federal government’s role. Thankfully, the courts are shutting down federal COVID vaccine mandates left and right.

However, the federal government’s tyranny extends beyond medical edicts. The Biden administration is also branding parents who seek involvement in their children’s education as “domestic terrorists.” Likewise, they are sending the Justice Department after these parents.

Right now, it’s evident the only way to stop America from completely falling into tyranny is for people to stand up. However, TheBlaze reports that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis might be the one who ends up saving the United States altogether.

During an episode of the Conservative Review podcast, DeSantis spoke at length regarding how he plans to protect individual freedoms.

The Florida governor mentioned the importance of Americans pushing back against policies like shutting down churches, forcing businesses to close, making kids wear masks in schools without parental approval, etc.

DeSantis isn’t just all talk, though. Just earlier in November, the Florida governor worked with the state legislature to stop employers from simply sacking their staffers who opt not to get the COVID vaccine.

After the state legislature got the bills written and passed, DeSantis signed them into law. It infuriated the Biden administration, especially when several big companies in Florida announced their decision to hold off on vaccine mandates in light of the state’s new law.

At the rate things are going in the United States, the Florida governor could very well be the one who ends up saving the country when it’s all said and done.

Of all Republican governors across the United States, DeSantis is the one who has been on the frontlines most often. It’s obvious the White House feels threatened by him, too.

On multiple occasions, press secretary Jen Psaki has gone after the state of Florida and DeSantis in general. After Florida passed laws barring widespread vaccine mandates, Psaki accused DeSantis of taking “steps backward” in fighting against COVID.

With all that’s happening in America today, the country undoubtedly needs more leaders like Ron DeSantis. The conservative movement also needs more people willing to stand up like the Florida governor and take actual actions to stop tyranny dead in its tracks.