Ron DeSantis Holds The Line On Sanity With School Quarantines In Florida

While much of the former constitutional republic that was the United States crashes and burns under the covid coup that overturned our society last year, Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, continues to hold his head and shoulders high and act like a sane, average person, with to their credit, support from much of the people of the great state of Florida.

In California, things are so bad residents are leaving the state by the hundreds of thousands a year, while businesses flee the state by the thousands a year. Studies have found thousands of corporate headquarters picking up and moving away from the Golden State last year as Governor Gavin Newsom’s rigorous probationary government tightened Covid-justified restrictions on the state’s people and businesses.

In New York, vaccine passport tyranny has led to racial profiling, with black families less likely to get the vaccine, knowing that the U.S. CDC experimented on African Americans in the Tuskegee experiments, marginalized by the government and local businesses afraid to defy the government. So black families are refused services because of this madness, and a restaurant worker even told one black lady that her vaccine certificate was fake.

While America falls to pieces over this great madness that descended upon it through the big lie about Covid that half of Americans accepted last year, Florida remains a shining beacon of hope, with the governor standing firm against these bizarre intrusions of insanity and tyranny that have disturbed and devastated the domestic tranquility and general welfare of the people for the sake of celebrity news journalists’ vainglory and politicians’ power.

Governor DeSantis announced over the week that Florida schools would not be allowed to quarantine students who have not tested positive for coronavirus. You read that right. It’s not a misprint. His brave stand, which makes DeSantis some right-wing radical science denier Scopes trial monkey grandma murderer in the eyes of the barking moonbat leftists, is that he doesn’t think schools should quarantine students who have not, NOT tested positive for coronavirus.

You see, some of these public school bureaucrats got the bright idea that they could help out and be part of the war on germs. So they started trying to quarantine students who had merely been reported as having been near someone else who had tested positive. In an utter display of Marxist or inquisitorial witch hunt paranoia, these teachers just had to keep finding potential threats among the students to neutralize with their excellent and mighty wisdom and authority.

This kind of overkill is disruptive and wasteful and ravaging these great gifts of civilization we should be hard at work using and enjoying in the 2020s. Instead, we are chasing our tail to the tune of trillions of dollars hard lost forever in this wastefulness, and trillions more untold dollars lost in human value that is extinguished through such rampant and persistent insanity demoralizing the people. It must be stopped.