Ron DeSantis Is Beating The Democrats At Their Own Game

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is enemy number one of the political left and today’s Democrat Party. Folks on the left can’t stand that DeSantis isn’t bowing the knee to Biden or letting the president’s tyranny run amuck in the Sunshine State.

COVID vaccine mandates are one area where DeSantis has repeatedly gone toe-to-toe against Biden to protect Americans’ rights and medical freedoms. The Florida governor’s assertions that Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is illegal remains backed up by the Federal Appeals Court halting this mandate with an injunction.

However, with the help of the Florida state legislature, Governor DeSantis has taken action in Florida to outlaw any mandate that would cause folks to lose their jobs for failure to accept the COVID vaccine.

In doing this, the Florida governor made the ultimate chess move against both Joe Biden and his leftist allies, as documented by PJ Media.

This past Thursday, DeSantis signed bills passed by the Florida state legislature to stop COVID vaccine mandates from hurting workers. Moreover, the governor holding the signing ceremony is none other than Brandon, Florida.

Being in the city of Brandon, Florida, while signing statewide laws outlawing COVID vaccine mandates was not a misstep at the end of the DeSantis administration. Christina Pushaw, the Florida governor’s press secretary, declared the weight of signing this legislation into law in Brandon didn’t escape DeSantis.

Thursday was not the first time the Florida governor tilted his hat to the Let’s Go Brandon trend that’s gained nationwide momentum. During a speech weeks ago, DeSantis referred to Biden’s White House as “the Brandon administration.” Conservatives cheered while leftists loathed it.

Since DeSantis signed the aforementioned bills into law, it’s already impacted workers in the Sunshine State. This week alone, Disney (which recently moved from California to Florida) announced its decision to back down from requiring its employees to take the COVID jab.

In this announcement, Disney cited Florida’s statewide ban against these medical edicts as the reason for their decision.
DeSantis is beating Democrats at their own game. However, the reason for this ultimately boils down to the fatal flaw of Biden’s administration. This deadly flaw entails the president undermining and underestimating the American people.

Biden did not expect Republicans, business groups, religious groups, and others to come out against his COVID vaccine mandate in the magnitude witnessed over months. The president certainly didn’t foresee the Federal Appeals Court stopping his mandate with an ongoing injunction.

The lack of respect the Brandon administration has for the American people is why public support is shifting in favor of Governor DeSantis and other Republicans.