Ron DeSantis Offers To Send Joe Biden’s New Best Companions To Visit Him In Delaware

Why don’t liberals ever bear the brunt of their policies? Their goal is to send illegal immigrants around the country to influence elections in red states. They have been shipping aliens via military planes from Texas to various states, including Florida.  

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis demonstrates the guts necessary to deal with the encroaching tyranny of the Biden maladministration. He said that all immigrants dropped off in Florida can be moved to a spot near the Biden compound in Wilmington, DE. 

Biden is a weak and inept anti-President. As a failed pseudo-leader, he does what he is told. The Biden-Harris maladministration covers a Democrat party run by lobbyists and special interests who benefit from creating a fiasco at the southern border. The reports of “secret flights” to Florida where illegal immigrants are being dropped off. 

Conservatives have replied to this nonsense, repeatedly calling for uniform enforcement of immigration laws and regulations. Young migrants sent to Jacksonville should be used to northern states and cities where politicians are encouraging mass immigration on a scale never seen. 

Democrats are trying to massively increase the naturalization rates in front of the 2022 midterm races and 2024 presidential races. Nearly 2,300 immigrants were naturalized each day during the Biden administration. Over the last year, around 855,000 immigrants became American citizens. It is the largest annual group of guest workers in the last ten years to have been naturalized. 

Florida legislators have directed requests for information to the White House. They are demanding data on the expenses in dollars that have been spent on resettling illegal aliens in Florida. For the well-being of the constituents in Florida, State Senator Byron Donalds went straight to the top. 

It is an encouraging sign. Florida already has the most vocal defender of citizens’ rights in Ron DeSantis. He said that if Biden does not reinforce border security, he can arrange to have illegal immigrants in Florida sent near his family instead of taking up residence near our family. 

Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state, must be a welcoming home for families and children from Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Latin America, or South America who need care.

Security immigrants have amassed on the Texas border without a border and are streaming through weak enforcement mechanisms. The Trump Wall has become the Biden Open Door. 

DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw proposed a subsequent option if Delaware does not work out. How about sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard? Maybe they can join the Obama plantation. Shipping them to liberal and dysfunctional states like Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, Vermont, or Massachusetts is preferable for conservatives rather than allowing Democrats to take over. 

Of course, hypocritical liberals are disturbed by DeSantis’ remarks. Rather than Biden utilizing them as political pawns and sending them into Florida on secret trips in the dead of night, he should invite them to his home state. The federal government did not provide notice to any Florida officials.