Ron Johnson Has Become ‘One Of The Top Follows’ In Congress

Republican Senator Ron Johnson (WI) has become one of the most reliable and powerful conservative voices in Congress. He demolished the Russian hoax day in and out for years.

Johnson unpacked the Russian collusion attacks on President Donald Trump. He exposed the utter nonsense in the accusation of foul play during a call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, resulting in a sham impeachment trial.

Johnson denounced the media hysteria regarding the January 6 riot. He itemized the presence of provocateurs and government agents in the group. He accurately described the disarray among MAGA protestors who peacefully exercised their right to assemble and petition the government rather than attending an assembly to riot.

Americans have been harassed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fake impeachment part Deux based on a complete misrepresentation of what happened last year. Hyperventilating media made it worse, and stalling from the FBI showed their involvement. The FBI refused to release evidence on Ray Epps, a man the US government paid to infiltrate the Oath Keepers and stir up protestors. Johnson noted that the Capitol Police lied about the circumstances surrounding the death of Officer Brian Sicknick.

Johnson has also been a reliable voice of support for people who refuse to get experimental vaccines that don’t work. YouTube suspended Johnson repeatedly for sharing statistics and stories on vaccine-related injuries. Johnson was a voice of reason pushing back on the coercion of each American to take the shot. Anthony Fauci attacked him as an anti-vaccine lunatic, even though the CDC has redefined a vaccine to mask that these products from Big Pharma do not work.

Even with a government vaccine mandate, case numbers are up. Even people who have gotten shots and boosters are spreading COVID-19. He pointed out that children are not in danger from COVID-19. Shots don’t keep individuals from contracting or spreading the disease. Johnson recommended specific things Americans can do to keep themselves healthy. He suggested taking Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc and rinsing with mouthwash to prevent the severity of COVID-19 and reduce the duration of symptoms. Johnson rightly guaranteed natural immunity is as solid if not more grounded than vaccine-based resistance.

Johnson, part of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, pointed out the evident corruption and cronyism in the Biden family. He connected Hunter Biden to criminal activity that Congress and the media quickly ignored. The media claimed that Johnson was being controlled by Russia but would not entertain China’s control of Biden.

Johnson uncovered massive sketchy monetary exchanges between Hunter Biden and the spouse of the previous mayor of Moscow and investors linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Biden’s former partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed the report.

Johnson will not quit, and we should be thankful for such a principled conservative in the Senate. Now we need at least a dozen more just like him.