Rose McGowan: CA Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Wife “Tried To Silence Her” On Harvey Weinstein

Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife, film director Jennifer Siebel called Rose McGowan on behalf of Harvey Weinstein in 2017, the American actress and political activist said Thursday. McGowan told her stunning allegations to Dave Rubin, host of the popular YouTube and BlazeTV program, The Rubin Report. The revelation could harm Newsom’s fight for his governorship against the California governor recall Tuesday.

In a bombshell interview on the Rubin Report, just days ahead of the California governor recall election, Rose McGowan told host Dave Rubin that the sitting California governor’s wife contacted her in 2017. He inquired as to the cost of her quiet about Harvey Weinstein. The Scream and Jawbreaker star said:

“Governor Newsom, his ex-wife Jennifer Newsom, Jennifer Siebel Newsom called me, and she set up a meeting with me. She wanted to meet me. She reached out to me.”

McGowan clarified the timing was six months before the New York Times and New Yorker reports about her and over a dozen other womens’ stories broke in 2017.

We now know as a result of the criminal investigation and trial that resulted in Weinstein’s conviction, that the Hollywood financier had assembled international private intelligence firms to stalk McGowan and his other victims by this time:

“This was about six months before the New York Times article on Weinstein that I set up broke. And she called me on behalf of a Theranos board member, the longtime lawyer of Hillary and Bill Clinton and Weinstein, one David Bois.”

Theranos was a once-billion-dollar biotech business that went bankrupt after being exposed as a big hoax. Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes is presently defending against severe criminal allegations at trial. Big surprise, she’s trying to blame it all on her ex-boyfriend. Great bedfellows, these Hollywood moguls, Democratic lawyers, elite Wall Street investor class types, huh?

Here’s what Bois wanted from McGowan, she says:

“So this woman I don’t know, some blonde lady with the name of Newsom, coldly calls me. And is like, ‘David Bois wants to know what it would take to make you happy?’”

If true, McGowan’s allegation sheds disturbing light on an editorial Gavin Newsom’s wife published on the Huffington Post almost immediately after the Weinstein story broke. In it, she said she believes the victims and that something similar happened to her. But, according to McGowan, Jennifer Siebel Newsom first tried to protect Harvey Weinstein and then threw him under the bus to save her neck after the scandal surfaced.

In 2017, Rose McGowan was one of more than a dozen women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. In October 2017, their accounts of the Hollywood mogul’s activities were exposed in a landmark New York Times and New Yorker exposé.

As for the question Jennifer Siebel Newsom allegedly asked McGowan, she told Rubin this is her answer: “You falling off the planet, David Bois, and your whole company, that would make me happy.”