Roseanne Barr Slams ‘The View’ Hosts: ‘They’re All Communist Crusaders’

Outspoken comedian Roseanne Barr made waves during her appearance on The Michael Knowles Show, where she harshly criticized the hosts of “The View,” labeling them as “communist crusaders.”

Barr, who is starring in the new DailyWire+ animated comedy “Mr. Birchum,” shared her views on the show’s co-hosts, particularly their reactions to former President Donald Trump’s recent legal troubles. “As expected, Whoopi Goldberg and crew were elated after Trump was found guilty in the Manhattan hush-money case,” Barr remarked, noting that even the Republican-identifying co-hosts supported the verdict, which many legal experts have criticized.

During the podcast interview, Barr asserted that Trump is the one person standing between the nation and its destruction. “We’re in living history,” she said. “It’s quite biblical.” She condemned the verdict against Trump, calling it a “terrible miscarriage of justice” and a mockery of the judicial system. “That’s stunning and disappointing to all Americans who love our constitutional republic,” she added, accusing leftists of trying to destroy America.

Barr didn’t stop there, claiming that recent events have revealed the true agendas of activists. “America is the only thing that stands in the way of their global one-world Nazi government,” she declared.

Barr’s criticism extended to the hosts of “The View.” “I thought America was about being fair and showing two sides… because it is that way in reality. I felt like on television it was your duty to represent two sides and not like, be ‘The View,’” she stated.

Barr’s harshest words were reserved for Whoopi Goldberg. Barr accused Goldberg of being a “cultural appropriator of Judaism” and described her persona as “Jew-face.” She found this particularly offensive, noting, “It’s so despicable and offensive to me and to Jews like me. Especially now.”

The sitcom star also had words for Joy Behar, calling her “an alien” who’s “from another planet.”

In addition to her criticisms of “The View,” Barr recounted her own struggles with network producers over racial inclusion on her popular TV show. She described a fight with ABC producers over naming a black character on her show and incorporating diverse characters.

“I wanted to have everybody represented,” she said. Barr also pushed for a “mixed-race granddaughter” on the show, despite resistance from producers who claimed they couldn’t find an actor for the role.