Roy Moore Awarded $8.2 Million in Defamation Case against Democratic PAC

Roy Moore, the former Alabama Senate candidate, was awarded $8.2 million in damages Friday after a federal jury found that a Democratic PAC had defamed him during his 2017 Senate campaign.

Jurors found that a political TV ad run by the Democratic-aligned Senate Majority PAC in 2017 had made false and defamatory statements against the one-time Senate candidate.

“We’re very thankful to God for an opportunity to help restore my reputation which was severely damaged by the 2017 election,” Moore said in an interview following the trial.

The PAC ad recounted various sexual misconduct allegations which were leveled against Moore during his bid to represent Alabama in the Senate. During the trial, Moore’s attorneys argued the ad made several untrue claims, including one that he had solicited sex from minors in the 1970s.

“In their ad, they strung quotes together to make a single statement. That’s what the jury found offensive,” Jeffrey Scott Wittenbrink, an attorney for Moore, said. “They got up and lied and said they didn’t intend that.”

Moore’s 2017 Senate campaign was rocked by multiple allegations that the former judge had engaged in sexual misconduct in decades prior. One woman, Leigh Corfman, alleged that Moore sexually touched her in 1979 when she was just 14 years old.

Moore eventually lost his election to Doug Jones, who became the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the Senate since 1997.

In a statement, attorneys for the Democratic Senate Majority PAC said they planned to appeal the jury’s decision and that they were confident the ruling would be overturned.

“No amount of deflection or distraction from Roy Moore will change the fact that multiple individuals testified under oath to corroborate credible accusations against him,” attorney Ben Stafford said.

“Many others have come forward to make their allegations public, at serious personal cost,” Stafford added. “We do not think this verdict is the right decision, but we believe the facts are clear and this ruling will be overturned on appeal.”

Moore ran for Senate again in 2020, but ultimately lost to now-Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), a former college football coach who defeated Jones in the general election.