Ruffalo Declares War and Gas Prices a “Gift” to President Biden

The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, famous for playing Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk, believes that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and soaring gas prices are an opportunity for the Biden administration. Particularly, the combination should spur the White House to push for a completely clean energy future.

Winston Churchill is credited with proclaiming near the end of WWII that you should “never let a good crisis go to waste.” The British statesman, who may well have never uttered those words, was of course referring to opportunities that did not exist before a crisis.

And undoubtedly he did not have The Avengers in mind if or when he said it.

But Ruffalo told MSNBC Reports Tuesday that people’s “fear” and “disgust” over the war in Ukraine are tools for the Biden administration to advance the transition to green energy. This assertion came after he railed against so-called “dark money groups,” the liberal codeword for conservative donors, who are preventing the U.S. from relying on windmills and waterwheels.

The actor declared that the move to clean energy will happen whether it is “messy or not” and no matter who stands in the way. The only question, according to Ruffalo, is if the transition will be graceful or “kicking and screaming.” As for nuclear energy, the actor called it dangerous and expensive.

During the MSNBC panel discussion, other guests such as NBC weatherman Al Roker and climate czar John Kerry expressed worry that the Ukraine war is “distracting” from the clean energy issue. Ruffalo, who spearheads a clean energy campaign called “The Solutions Project,” prefers to see the atrocities and genocide carried out by the Russian state as a glass-half-full situation. He told the panel that this is the moment for President Biden to “solidify a message to the American people that now is the time to transition.”

The finite nature of fossil fuels means that the much-ballyhooed “transition” is coming, as they are not a resource that will be here forever. But the shift to clean energy, which is already in full swing, will be sped along by technological advances and economic realities, not by an actor’s tone-deaf assessment of a tragic war.