Russia Collusion Hoaxers Are Not Being Brought To Justice

Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the Russia collusion hoax is failing miserably at bringing those responsible for the irresponsible smears to justice.

It is quite well known that the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign attempted to paint former President Donald Trump as a pawn of the Putin regime. Now the evidence involving the second Russian collusion hoax is being disregarded.

Clinton’s associates gave evidence to the CIA that they said proved that Trump and his people utilized Russian-made Yota cellphones around the White House and other sensitive locations.

However, new evidence shows that what was revealed during the case of former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann paints a very different picture.

The discrepancy is something that Durham’s investigation team has known about for some time — even years — but no one who used the CIA to propagate this falsehood has been held accountable. Then-president Trump was ruthlessly smeared with allegations that were planted.

The Durham investigation appears to be winding down as the special counsel’s office let the grand jury expire. His office, meanwhile, has not sought charges against anyone involved in the Yota phone hoax.

The FBI’s botching of the collusion hoax continues to get more evidence piled on top of what was already known. Now it’s revealed that some claims thought to have originated from the Justice Department instead came from the Clinton campaign itself.

Then there’s the Sussmann trial in which the Clinton associate was charged with one count of lying to the FBI. According to records, Sussmann gave the FBI’s general counsel information that was supposed to prove a back-door channel between Trump and the Russian Alfa bank.

According to the indictment, Sussman told then-FBI general counsel James Baker that he was not working on behalf of any client while he was working for a tech executive and the Clinton Presidential Campaign.

The second hoax dealing with the phone scandal came out during the trial.

As much as former President Trump is being picked apart by the Justice Department for every word and deed, it is unreasonable that the Durham probe will fade away without clear hoaxers being brought to justice. Unfortunately, that is the current way of things in the country.