Russia Will Be Getting $10 Billion Through Biden’s Beloved Iran Nuclear Deal

A state owned Russian energy company, by the name of ‘Rosatom’, is all set to receive the $10 billion contract in Joe Biden’s beloved Iran deal.

Rosatom will be working on the Bushehr nuclear power plant, located in Tehran. As the Free Beacon reports, “On Tuesday, the Biden administration and Russia confirmed that the nuclear deal will have exceptions that will help in waiving sanctions on both of the nations, so Russia can follow through with the agreement.”

According to a former State Department official, Gabrial Noronha, “Iran will soon be experiencing a massive cash inflow in the shape of foreign exchange reserves worth $90 billion, and more revenue through oil export, estimating to $50-$55 billion. Furthermore, Iran will also be receiving $7 billion from the U.S., as a ransom payment to free the four Americans who are held up in an Iranian jail.”

A massive infusion of cash roughly amounting to $150 billion is on its way to Iran and out of which, Iran will be paying $10 billion to Russia for the nuclear power plant project.

Important to note is that, despite the Biden administration’s desire to complete the deal with Iran, they are unable to do so without a more stable state like Russia to broker the deal. And if we intend on trusting Russia to broker this nuclear deal, then why are we on the verge of nuclear war with them?