Russian Troops Dead After Being “Treated” to Poison Meals in Ukraine

At least two Russian soldiers are dead and 28 others in intensive care after being treated by Ukrainian locals to food and alcohol that was laced with poison.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine revealed Saturday that the two troops were from the 3rd Motor Rifle Division and died immediately after consuming stuffed buns offered by residents of Izium, about 80 miles southeast of Kharkiv. Officials say around 500 more are ill after drinking poisoned alcohol.

The Kremlin is reportedly categorizing the cases as “non-combat losses.”

Ukrainian civilians have joined military forces in resisting the Russian invaders, and images of everything from lessons on making Molotov cocktails to residents blocking tanks are flooding the internet. Insurgency and civil resistance is playing an important role in slowing the Russian advance and even pushing them back from major cities.

Besides poisoned pastries, resistance is also carried out on social media, something the invaders have not been able to control.

As Russia begins to consolidate its forces around the republics it has recently recognized.

The reasons given by Russia for its invasion have been to protect ethnic Russians in the country and to keep Western WMDs off its border. As the invasion evolves, we will soon see if their claims were true or simply subterfuge for something bigger in the region.