Sabatini: McCarthy And Friends Have Nowhere To Hide

Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) blasted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the RINOs in the GOP that are endorsing him for Speaker of the House. “That Weasel McCarthy” knows he lacks the votes and needs to step aside for a real contest, Sabatini said.

The GOP knows that McCarthy used his Congressional Leadership Fund to sabotage America First Conservatives during the 2022 midterms. As soon as FTX came crashing down, the news came out that McCarthy used FTX cash to target House races.

By now, it is irrefutable that millions of dollars in campaign money came straight from FTX and its top executives. There is nothing McCarthy can do to stop the outrage and loss of support from true conservatives.

To combat truth, McCarthy and his cronies have started blackmailing conservatives. They want to scare the public into thinking that a “moderate” RINO or a Democrat will be made speaker if McCarthy doesn’t get the Speaker vote. Sabatini isn’t having it and he is not alone.

McCarthy hasn’t been able to get to 218 votes, despite his premature declaration of becoming “Speaker-elect.” McCarthy knows this, as over 20 members have already said they will never vote for him.

McCarthy knows it will only take five votes against him to torpedo his bid. Sabatini wrote, “There are DOZENS of congressmen that would receive 100% of the House GOP vote when they run” and McCarthy isn’t one of them.

Sabatini also called out McCarthy’s cohorts that took FTX cash from him too. He demanded that those involved fix the situation by donating all the funds they received. “It’s time for all Republican congressmen that corruptly took money from @FTX_Official to fix the situation by donating those funds to the legal defense of the J6 defendants now,” he said.