Sarah Palin Gets Endorsed By Elise Stefanik’s PAC For Alaska House Seat

Elevate PAC has endorsed the former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to help her win the only House of Representatives seat for Alaska. House Republican Conference chair Elise Stefanik established the Elevate PAC in 2018 to help right-wing female politicians who aimed for higher office.

The PAC has also supported Catalina Lauf (R-IL), Jennifer-Ruth Green (R-IN) and Carolina Serrano (R-NV).

In her press release, Stefanik expressed her excitement for being able to endorse four more Republican women to Congress. She claimed that this cycle has 300 Republican women in the run, which meant they were stepping up their game. She was very proud of the women building their careers by breaking through the glass ceilings.

She further claimed that this was the most diverse gathering of conservative women in the U.S. which is being led by the PAC. She is confidently supporting these strong women who will make history and send Nancy Pelosi back home.

Palin’s endorsement is getting most of the attention, however the other women are also noteworthy.

Lauf is the daughter of an immigrant mother from Guatemala and a first-generation American. Like her parents, she worked hard and gained experience in the Commerce Department when she was appointed by Trump in 2018. She aims to promote pro-American business policies, strengthen law enforcement and eradicate critical race theory from schools.

Green has served in Iraq and is an Air Force veteran. She is very well educated and has many degrees that aid her interest in strategic and wartime efforts. Currently, she is studying strategic leadership regarding military operations in diverse environments. Green is pro-life, pro-military and strongly supports the Second Amendment.

As a Columbian-American, Serrano has worked extensively for a Hispanic outreach in Las Vegas as a representative of the former President Trump. She wants to help revive the economy, create more jobs for Americans, and stop illegal immigration practices.

These endorsements are refreshing as they came after Steve Schmidt’s ridiculous Twitter meltdowns, aimed at many women including Palin. Schmidt is acting somewhat hypocritical as he was a co-founder of the Lincoln Project.

Palin has also been endorsed by Trump. Earlier in April, Trump issued a press release showing his support for the former Alaska governor.