Sarah Palin Should Challenge Her Judge As ‘Biased’ And ‘Incompetent’

The Sarah Palin Defamation trial was set to begin this week. She was prepared for her lawyer’s opening statement and to make her case against the New York Times for defaming her character and good name or what is left of it after Tina Fey attempted to destroy her.

After several delays, the trial was finally set to begin except for the threat of COVID-19. Everything was put on hold, and a trial was postponed when Palin tested positive for the killer virus that often does not kill. But the real issue is not her illness, which has become par for the course, and omicron runs rampant. It is what the Judge said and did.

Jeb Rakoff, a Clinton-appointed federal judge presiding in her case, reported in his Manhattan court that the trial would be moved to February 3. Because Palin tested positive for COVID-19 after many different tests, it was confirmed that yes, she has the virus. He planned to accept that she did. Since she has been tested and has a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, he accepted that she is positive. Great, the Judge can read.

But beyond his willingness to delay the trial, at issue is what Rakoff said after his declaration that the Pail had COVID. He added, “she is, obviously, unvaccinated.” He revealed publicly private medical information and attempted to insult and criticize her willingness to accept the risk of getting COVID-19 and recovering from establishing natural immunity or getting vaccinated, dealing with potential side effects, and still getting the disease which is proving more common.

This statement indicates that this Judge is overflowing with pride and self-importance and enjoys jeering in his court. He is profoundly uninformed and predisposed to scoff and negatively toward conservatives and reasonable people. When he caught wind of Palin’s positive test, he demonstrated it unequipped for his position. He was less than fair-minded and should be removed for cause by Palin’s attorney immediately.

Palin’s case started when she responded to a smear attack in the New York Times. In 2011, the Grey Lady and her minions insulted Palin and accused her of radicalism. When a capricious man attempted to kill Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and killed others, the NYT saw fit to launch a defamatory attack on Palin. The New York Times wrote that the attacker was motivated by a Palin PAC flyer showing her home state with a rifle sight. It was not about Giffords or anyone else but relatively local districts in Alaska where her resources were targeted. Just and she and others focused on a few critical regions across America to turn the tide of Congress in favor of conservatives. The PAC’s point was that the government officials in these areas were defenseless against a well-crafted GOP message and the right candidate.

There was not one scintilla of proof that the killer had seen or was affected by the flyer. It immediately became evident that he was crazy and had a longstanding, passionate disdain for Giffords. But Palin didn’t sue over this smear. Instead, in 2017, when a Bernie supporter tried to shoot and kill Republican House members at a softball practice, he nearly killed Republican Representative Steve Scalise. It was then that the illustrious bastion of objectivity of the New York Times concluded that Palin was the problem. These idiots could not leave their character assassination plot alone and claimed that Bernie never impelled anybody to kill Republicans but that Palin’s guide did precipitate the assault on Giffords. Lies, deception, and more lies.

Thank God Palin decided enough was enough, and she fought back like a Grizzly Mama Bear. She did not allow the Times to criticize her, lie about her, and apologize. Palin sued them to make them learn a lesson.