School Board Group Wants Biden To Label Opposition To CRT As “Domestic Terrorism”

It takes a village. That’s what Hillary Clinton said in her creepy book about the importance of letting the new world order global establishment elite who value money, power, and worldly glory above integrity, justice, and mercy be the ones who decide what your children end up learning, what they love, and how they view the world and their place in it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it is now the year 2021. The far-left ideologues who have completely taken over government machinery, the universities, the arts, the media, and the Democratic Party now don’t think a village is enough, not even a global town ruled by an all-powerful, untouchable, unaccountable elite.

No, that’s so 90’s and passé. Now the rank and file Democrats who populate Everytown, USA school boards are so radicalized by the ridiculously evil and stupid insanity of 21st-century new leftism that they think it takes a corrupt, politicized national security establishment, as well as a fascist medical surveillance regime to raise America’s next generation.

The National School Boards Association has recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to consider classifying confrontations from angry parents as violations of the Patriot Act and the parents as “domestic terrorists” under the law written and passed hastily in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

The Bush Administration and lawmakers ostensibly wrote the Patriot Act in Congress to help the United States federal government surveil and fight Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations that actively plot and execute deadly acts of violence against civilians and military targets in the furtherance of political goals by terrorizing their enemies. Even with 9/11 and its 3,000 dead fresh on America’s mind, the legislation was controversial for its ostensibly intended purpose.

It was not written to help the government terrorize its citizens into accepting the insane impositions of foaming at the mouth lunatic racists who want to teach our children to be racist and to hate America, and in perfectly Orwellian fashion, claim to be the ones who are anti-racist. Critical Race Theory is nothing but racism. It’s just racism. Plain and simple. 

You don’t need to listen to some brilliant academic break it down for you. It’s just racism. It’s just racism. It’s just racism. And it’s wrong. And those who teach it using federal tax dollars in public schools or other federal agencies should be the ones prosecuted under federal law and fined for violating several federal statutes that make it a crime to be racist in a tax-funded institution.

The constitutional conservatives and libertarians among the center-right coalition in America over the last two decades repeatedly warned and with good reason that the Patriot Act would be turned on the American people within a generation and used to surveil and bully us into submission when the government pushes for its next big power grab, and we resist. It’s no surprise the Biden left would be the ones to bludgeon us with this.