School Closings Beginning To Backfire On Democrats

Last week, public schools in Chicago, Illinois, shut down because teachers’ unions largely voted to hold small classes rather than traditional, in-person instruction. With multiple vaccines and booster shots available, teachers’ unions are still saying there aren’t enough protective measures in place to keep teachers safe from COVID.

Ironically, teachers’ unions are enormous proponents of mandating masks and vaccines. Yet, they’re also simultaneously alleging these measures don’t provide enough security to resume in-person classes.

Parents in Chicago are not happy. Many parents also say the Chicago teachers’ unions are illegally striking while taking money from the government.

As frustration amongst parents grows, Democrats are now starting to worry about the political consequences, as confirmed by TheBlaze.

Between the latest disappointing jobs reports and low approval numbers for President Biden, Democrats have a lot to worry about, primarily as the November midterm elections draw nearer.

However, school closures have just been added to the list. Latest week, parents in Chicago filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Teachers Union over their refusal to resume in-person classes.

It is terrible news for the Democrat Party, as a whole, because they’re infamously in bed with teachers’ unions across the nation. In 2021, Democrats lost the Virginia gubernatorial election due to parents’ issues regarding education.

Democrats today are worried about repeating this as parents grow more exasperated with teachers’ unions refusing in-person lessons. Furthermore, in the eyes of many Americans, the lack of ability to avoid school closures projects an image of weakness amongst Democrats.

Democrats with teachers unions and the closures of schools are gaining attention in Illinois. However, this is an issue that resonates with parents across the nation. It also comes months away from the pivotal November midterms.

Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot has gotten the memo that ongoing school closures will only bring disaster to her party.

Lightfoot lashed out amid the Chicago Teachers Union’s decision to sit out in-person teaching. She warned these members wouldn’t be paid for refusing to do their jobs. The Chicago mayor also stated that these educators are abandoning students and parents during challenging times of need.

It isn’t good enough. Like other Democrats, Mayor Lightfoot has been on board with any form of shutdowns and restrictions. She’s treated Chicago police officers horribly, and this newfound rage towards the Chicago Teachers Union is all about politics, not about what’s best for children.

In the weeks and months ahead, Americans expect debates about school closures to persist and intensify.