Scientific American Slammed Over New Claims About Gender

For centuries, it’s been a well-established, science-based fact that there are only two genders: male and female.

Yet, in spite of this, the country is seeing a push by the left to essentially retcon what gender is, what it means, and how people should go about discussing it. Some left-wing activists have even claimed that to refer to someone as male or female is a form of hate.

The war on gender has gotten so bad that even schools and colleges are teaching students about alternate pronouns and “identifications.”

Now, Scientific American is joining in on the woke hype.

Understanding Scientific American’s Claims About Gender
The once respected scientific magazine released a Twitter thread that essentially accuses western society of presenting gender as a binary construct in order to oppress people.

It is the self-admitted view of Scientific American that a “two-sex model” is designed to tie someone’s social status to their gender. Later, the magazine cited the rare existence of “intersex” persons as alleged proof that male and female are not the only two genders.

This was followed by Scientific American arguing that human bodies “vary” beyond the “categories” forced by a supposedly oppressive Western society in the 18th century.

An Inaccurate Take
Since releasing these claims about gender on social media, Scientific American has been slammed for being, ironically, unscientific.

Critics of the magazine pointed out biological data affirming male and female as the established and only two genders. It was also noted that for Scientific American to oppose this is not only inaccurate, but also works against the company’s whole branding of being rooted in science.

Other people accused Scientific American of pandering and essentially trying to win favor from woke leftists. This is a pattern that’s emerged within a series of corporations amid escalating culture wars over the past few years.

Unfortunately, there are no signs that this magazine has any plans to walk its claims back.

Americans as a whole have expressed very grave concerns about the agenda to redefine words and deny established realities. It raises serious questions about what type of America the nation’s future generations will find themselves living in.