Scientists Push Back Against Reassignment Surgeries For Children

Back in May, Dr. Rachel Levine, the White House’s assistant secretary for health, argued healthcare providers unilaterally support gender reassignment surgeries for children. Of course, these surgeries are typically referred to by Democrats as “gender-affirming care.”

The idea that children should be able to choose life-changing surgeries that permanently impact their bodies, hormones, and how they appear to the world has been widely pushed back against by non-leftists.

As it turns out, Levine’s claim about unanimous support for kids to undergo these surgeries is false. Thankfully, there are many officials in the science and healthcare communities who are pushing back against these dangerous medical procedures being carried out on kids.

Major Pushback From Scientists
By definition, the minds of children are not completely formed. Biologically speaking, children haven’t reached the age or maturity to understand the ramifications of gender reassignment surgeries fully.

It is for these reasons that many scientists have said “gender-affirming care” for kids is not the way to go. Some officials even determined that gender dysphoria in children does not always last.

This also explains the unfortunate situation of “de-transitioners,” also known as people who underwent gender reassignment surgeries at young ages, only to regret it later.

De-transitioners do attempt to reverse the “gender-affirming care” procedures; however, by the time the surgery is done, fully going back is not possible.

Some proposed solutions include professional counseling and emotional support from loved ones.

Politicizing the Lives of Children
Biden, Levine, and other Democrats routinely ignore the plights of de-transitioners and the massive dangers involved with giving kids irreversible surgeries that will alter their being.
Ultimately, this all comes down to politics and the promotion of a radical woke agenda. Nevertheless, Americans who oppose wokeness aren’t willing to gamble with the lives of children or their futures.

Going forward, it’s safe to say the Democrat Party and its activists will continue to insist upon “gender-affirming care” on-demand for children.

In the meantime, many Republican-led states are working to prevent these medical procedures from being imposed upon minors.