Seattle’s County Employees Now Need Security Escort Around Downtown

The leftist paradise of Seattle is now so dangerous that county workers need a security escort when traveling in broad daylight between their work locations and public transit stations.

King County starts its “Working Bus” program on Monday. It is designed to have county employees who work downtown or Pioneer Square locations walk with security guards between their work locations and train and ferry stations.

The county government issued a statement saying that employees will be able to walk with “their colleagues and a Facilities Management Division (FMD) Security Escort” between work at the county’s downtown work campus and the King Street Station or the Coleman Dock.

Workers at the King County Courthouse will use only one secured entrance to the building due to the second entrance being closed. The second entrance can no longer be secured because of a large homeless camp just outside the doorways. Employees have been harassed and attacked near that camp regularly in recent months. 

Near that same entrance, an employee was allegedly physically attacked inside a women’s restroom in the courthouse. That same camp was the site of an alleged stabbing attack by one homeless man against another.

The country security escorts will also walk with employees to parking garages, and bus stops around the county campus.

The security details will only be for qualified county employees, and no private workers will benefit from the taxpayer-funded security personnel. Local restaurants and other businesses will also lose the business of public employees who will only have security assistance when coming to or leaving work.

The security escorts are equipped with bulletproof vests and are provided with pepper spray. One City Council member wants the guards to be provided with tasers and handcuffs as well. Even though the Seattle Police Department has historically been equipped with everything needed to handle violent homeless persons, the local government has voted to defund the police department by at least $10 million, which took effect on Sunday in addition to previous cuts.