Secret Service Agents Are Not Pleased with the Biden Administration

From the moment the Biden administration took over the White House, dysfunction and other problems have been running rampant.

The current administration not only suffers from poor policies, in general, but they’re also plagued with massive overturn and an ability to show a united front to the American public.

Within the past several weeks, Biden’s officials have been left with no choice but to come out and correct various statements he’s made. At the same time, the president continues to openly contradict previous claims from his vice president, national security advisor, and other aides.

However, things are so bad within the Biden administration that even the Secret Service is not happy, according to Red State.

A Closer Look at Secret Service Agents’ Problems

Unfortunately, as closely as the Secret Service works with the Biden administration, this involved being directly exposed to their problems.

For some agents, this has meant being bitten on multiple occasions by dogs the First Family chose to bring to the White House. Last year, the Biden administration came out and claimed that Biden’s dogs only bit a Secret Service agent one time.

Meanwhile, Biden’s dog, Major, actually wound up biting a Secret Service agent eight times, back-to-back last year. Yet, even after these incidents took place, the White House told the public that it only happened one time.

This didn’t sit well with Secret Service agents who made their displeasure known in various messages to one another. These messages show the agents directly pushing back against the claim that they “surprised” Major, prompting the dog to start biting.

The unfortunate reality here is that reports indicate many more biting incidents with Biden’s dogs than the White House has let on. Then, again, this administration unfortunately has a pattern of lying to cover its tracks.

The Bigger Picture

If the Biden administration is willing to treat the Secret Service in such a poor manner, and then lie to hide it, this begs the question of what else this administration is capable of.

At the rate things are going, lying could just be the tip of the iceberg. Already, Americans have been confronted with the cold reality that Biden cares more about his own political agendas than about the suffering of Americans.

This is demonstrated by the president’s refusal to lower energy prices by unleashing domestic energy production. Biden continues to stand in the way of US oil production because he knows it would not mesh with his radical climate change agenda.

For every time the White House gets caught in a lie, there have to be other cases that have yet to be revealed. Everyone in America, Secret Service or not, should be aware of what this administration is willing to do to get what it wants.