Secret Service Tackles Pro-Abortion Protester Who Tries to Interfere With Biden’s Motorcade

A Secret Service agent was caught on camera tackling a pro-abortion protester with a bullhorn who approached President Joe Biden’s motorcade as he traveled through Los Angeles, California, on his way to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The woman, who is seen in the video wearing a long, olive-green dress and carrying a bag over her shoulder, strutted into the street towards the motorcade, which prompted some onlookers to express concern that she could be hit by one of the passing vehicles.

“She’s gonna get hit by a car,” one onlooker warned as the protester approached the middle of the road.

Several vehicles drove around the woman before law enforcement decided to take action.

FOX LA reporter Hailey Winslow captured footage of what happened when the Secret Service decided that the protester had crossed the line. The video quickly went viral, being shared by several prominent conservative political commentators and journalists, including Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo.

“A pro-abortion protester standing in the road to protest the President’s motorcade in Los Angeles was taken to the ground by a Secret Service agent. She resists arrest,” Ngo tweeted, sharing the video.

When the Secret Service determined that she had become a potential risk, one agent charged her, catching her by the shoulders and pushing her away from the line of cars before taking her down to the ground.

As the agent took her down, another individual in the crowd could be heard yelling, “Get off her!”

“Watch my back, watch my back,” an officer can be heard shouting, prompting another to respond, “I got you, go ahead.”

As the protester continued to resist arrest, fighting and kicking while screaming at the Secret Service agent and ripping off his hat and glasses, several other agents moved in to establish a perimeter and prevent the crowd from interfering in the arrest. While the Secret Service agent is fighting with the woman on the ground, if you watch closely, you can see him slap her once in an attempt to stop her from attacking him.

“Stop resisting! I’m Secret Service,” the officer on the ground could be heard telling the protester, who still continued to struggle and fight. She can be seen on the video arching her back suddenly, pitching them both onto the pavement again, but the officer maintained control.

“Secret service, stop resisting,” he said again.

After almost a full minute of wrestling with the uncooperative protester, the Secret Service agent was able to get her to where she was lying flat on her stomach on the street, and asked his fellow officers for handcuffs.

“Get the f*** off me!” the woman continued to yell. “Get the f*** off me!”

As she was being handcuffed behind her back, she shouted: “An abortion ban will not stop abortions! Only safe ones! Women are going to die! They’re going to die!”

A second video being shared on social media showed the Secret Service takedown from a different angle.