Sen. Chuck Grassley Calls For Disclosure Of Trump Warrant Details

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is demanding that the documents supporting the application for a search warrant for President Donald Trump’s Florida home be released to the public. He is also calling on FBI Director Christopher Wray to provide answers about the raid on Mar-a-Lago that saw several boxes of documents removed by federal agents.

Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent Wray a letter containing a list of questions about the first-ever federal search of a former president’s residence.

The documents that have been released so far indicate that the Justice Department was seeking documents that Trump allegedly removed from the White House when he left office last year.

The sworn affidavits that set out the government’s factual allegations against Trump have not been disclosed. That sworn testimony is required by the Fourth Amendment before a warrant can be issued and was apparently reviewed by the magistrate judge who signed off on the search.

Grassley appeared on Fox News on Saturday morning and said that the public has a right to see the government’s allegations against Trump immediately.

In his letter to Wray, the iconic Iowa senator asked what knowledge the director had about the raid before it occurred and what role he played in approving the search and seizure operation. He specifically asked if Wray knew anything about the raid when he testified before the Judiciary Committee on August 4.

Grassley pointed out the FBI’s recent history of unequal application of the law regarding the handling of classified documents, citing Hillary Clinton’s “mishandling of highly classified information” while acting as Secretary of State.

His letter also addressed the FBI’s handling of the 91 security violations that were found to have been committed by 38 individuals regarding Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. He asked if any person was referred to the FBI by the State Department for investigation and if so what steps were taken to conduct an investigation.

Regarding the Trump warrant, Grassley requested copies of the affidavits supporting the search warrant along with all other “predicating records.”

The letter also asks Wray to disclose whether he discussed the Trump search warrant with any person at the Biden White House before, during, or after its execution, and what might have been discussed in detail. It also asked Wray if he discussed the warrant with Attorney General Merrick Garland or any of his subordinates or representatives at any time.

Grassley asked Wray if the FBI allowed President Trump and his attorneys to negotiate protocols and limits for reviewing disputed documents in the same way that it did with Hillary Clinton regarding her illicit email server.

The senator’s letter demanded that Wray provide written answers to his questions by August 25.