Senator Chuck Schumer Discards His Mask Mandate In Puerto Rico

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the ranking Democrat in the United States Senate, was recently caught without a mask while dancing at the SOMOS conference in Puerto Rico.

The event was held by a non-profit advocate for Hispanics in New York. While Puerto Rico currently requires masks indoors regardless of vaccination status, Schumer can be seen merrily dancing in a crowded indoor space, without a mask on and without a care in the world.

Now you would think that someone who has pushed as hard as Chuck Schumer to cover Americans’ faces with masks would take the coronavirus pandemic seriously enough to keep his face covered too, but, no, you wouldn’t think that at all, would you?

You would expect these lying, usurping hypocrites not to wear a mask when it’s required for them to do so because they aren’t serious about the hyped-up threat of coronavirus. They want to seize as much control over others as possible and exercise it wantonly and capriciously for its own sake. It was not a pandemic so much as it was a Dempanic. 

That’s why it’s the same story repeatedly, not just with federal politicians like Chuck Schumer. Still, also state and local politicians, like D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who enacted a mask mandate, got caught partying without a mask on.

You might think that at the very least, these politicians would have the witting, self-serving, self-interested money to at least not appear like the totally and utterly despicable, power-hungry, lying hypocrites that they are, but they cannot help themselves. These decades-old political dinosaurs keep forgetting that now everything they do goes to the public, worldwide, digital archive immediately, and stays there forever.

They will go down eternally, not in the history books, but the harsh, cold glare of the archives, as the great enemies of humankind that we had to suffer over in this generation.

Suppose Chuck Schumer and the rest of his state’s political cronies with their pockets stuffed full of absolutely filthy blood money want to do something to help Latinos in their state. In that case, they can start by not wrecking the economy for big lies like the Covid hoax and devastating Latino businesses.

Immigrants to this country start businesses at a higher rate than native-born Americans. They also started businesses in sectors that were crushed amid the radical Marxist takeover of the American economy by the Covid coup last year. Let’s dispense with this lie that the Democrats are just incompetent. They know what they’re doing. They’re trying to sabotage this nation because they are mentally diseased, blighted souls.