Sen. Rand Paul Warns Democrats are Inspiring Violent “Crazy People”

In a recent interview with Fox News, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) accused Democrats and the media of stirring up politically-charged violence across the country.

Paul also singled out President Biden, claiming his administration was not doing enough to protect conservative Supreme Court justices, who have faced numerous threats of violence since the leak of a draft opinion showing the court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“The White House steadfastly refused to condemn people outside of their houses,” Paul said in the interview. “That is not peaceful protest. That is ginning up and encouraging, and intimidating the justices should not be allowed.”

Paul’s remarks came just hours after a man was arrested outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home with a pistol, knife, and pepper spray. The man, a 26-year-old Californian, later told FBI agents he had traveled across the country with the intention of killing Kavanaugh, and that he was “upset” about the recent Supreme Court leak.

Paul also maintained that a large part of the problem stemmed from the public dissemination of the Supreme Court justices’ private addresses — a situation he also had to deal with as an elected official.

“The concern is releasing justices’ addresses,” Paul said. “Other networks put my address on the evening news. They put global satellite pictures of my house on the evening news, encouraging people, and encouraging crazy people. It has got to stop.”

The home addresses of the six conservative Supreme Court justices were publicly released just days after the court leak, when a far-left activist group, Ruth Sent Us, posted them online. The pro-abortion group has organized many of the protests at the justices’ homes, and has even gone so far as to suggest targeting the children of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Despite the attempted assassination of Kavanaugh and the numerous threats directed towards the other conservative justices, the White House has remained largely silent on the issue, refusing to explicitly condemn protests outside justices’ homes.

In a press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was evasive after being asked if pro-abortion activists should protest outside the justices’ homes.

“We have not weighed in on where people should or should not protest,” Jean-Pierre said. “We have said that all Americans have the right to peacefully protest.”