Sen. Stabenow ‘Blames Republicans’ Not Wearing Masks For Cory Booker And Elizabeth Warren’s COVID

The story of the emperor who was deceived into thinking invisible thread was used to make the grandest clothing he’d ever worn has never been more applicable than it is now with the Democrats, the vaccine, and the virus.

When asked why Sens. Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren got COVID-19 despite being vaxxed and boosted. Sen. Debbie Stabenow answers, “It’s their neighbor’s fault.” The city of Chicago generally uses the justification to justify gun violence, but a Democratic senator is now using it to explain why her colleagues contracted the virus. She remarked that people on her side of the aisle are all wearing masks, but sadly, most Republicans are not. However, she claims that “it’s not a big deal” if people have been vaccinated and boosted.

Moreover, the heralds of the vaccination reject what is there before their eyes. They yell at you, “Of course, it works!” people stand up and state the obvious. The rest of the crowd feels the same way. The cotton masks we’re wearing are “nothing more than facial ornaments,” according to one of their own who uttered the silent bit out loud.

A doctor who found it believes that the world’s worry about it has to subside. If it’s as light as it’s proving to be, we’d all be lucky if it pushed out the Delta version, according to one San Francisco doctor. If people contact Omicron, the vaccination may make them feel better but ineffective.

They could practically take Advil at this stage to relieve most of the Omicron symptoms, such as minor body pains and a headache. So, while the vaccination reduces the severity of the effects of a cold-like virus, you’re still capable of spreading it and acquiring it.