Sen. Ted Cruz Sends A ‘Clear Message’ At 2022’s CPAC

The 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference takes place in Orlando, Florida. Many brave conservatives and patriots have given critical addresses at CPAC. These messages are especially relevant in light of where we are in the United States and the various challenges.

One of the greatest challenges facing Americans is the quest to beat back tyranny that disguises itself as protection. We’ve all seen this play out as leftist leaders implement these strict so-called health guidelines, only to later disregard these guidelines in their own lives.

America witnessed this when Biden tried to pass a federal vaccine mandate that would have businesses fined into bankruptcy, and workers were thrown out of their jobs if they didn’t require or accept COVID vaccines.

Thankfully, this federal vaccine mandate failed in the Supreme Court. However, the war of freedom vs. tyranny is far from over. During Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s CPAC speech this year, he made some critical points and delivered an important message, as reported by PJ Media.

While addressing the audience at CPAC, Sen. Ted Cruz warned that the various conflicts in our nation comprise a greater battle that is liberty vs. power.

The Texas Senator then explained that liberty and truth are terrifying to the left, hence why they try so hard to drive these principles out of American society. Furthermore, Cruz cited the left’s attacks against parents, Joe Rogan, conservatives, schoolchildren, free speech, etc., as examples of attacks on truth and liberty.

However, despite Democrats fighting to make tyranny the “new normal” in America, Cruz expressed confidence that liberty will ultimately prevail.

The Republican Senator let the CPAC audience know that a red wave is underway. With this red wave, Americans will not only defeat tyranny, but the nation will also safeguard the Bill of Rights, the United States Constitution, and liberty itself.

The speech shared by Sen. Cruz at CPAC 2022 comes as many Americans are suffering. Much of this suffering deals with the ramifications stemming from Biden’s presidency.

Biden’s presidency has been empowered by Democrats maintaining control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Although this November, this will change, and Biden will lose the comfort of knowing he has a blank check in the halls of Congress.

With Congress back under the control of the Republican Party, conservatives can finally begin to beat back Biden’s flawed policies and pave the way for a conservative President to enter office in January 2025.