Senate Democrats’ Latest Power Grab Attempt Backfires

Despite the arrival of a new year, Democrats in the United States Senate are not doing so well. Yet another confirmation recently came out that Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat, refuses to join members of his party who want him to vote for the Build Back Better Act.

Over this week, rumors were surfacing that the West Virginia lawmaker resumed negotiations with the White House regarding the Build Back Better agenda that he announced he wouldn’t be voting for back in December.

However, Manchin put these rumors to bed this week. The moderate Democrat confirmed that he hasn’t engaged in any additional discussions with the Biden Administration during talks with the media. Likewise, Manchin confirmed his position on the 46th president’s spending bill hasn’t shifted from where it stood last month.

It comes on top of other issues facing Senate Democrats, as reported by PJ Media.

Senate Democrats are furious that Senate Republicans oppose their legislation, from the Build Back Better Act to various elections takeover bills. Therefore, they believe the answer is changing the chamber’s rules altogether.

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer declared that if Republicans don’t “work with” (a.k.a., vote for whatever Democrats want) them, then-Senate Democrats will move to change the chamber’s procedural rules by the 17th of this month.

Schumer then quoted former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard and deceased lawmaker Robert Byrd who declared that modifications to Senate rules are in order amidst different situations.

The Senate Majority Leader then quoted Byrd for a second time when he proclaimed Congress isn’t mandated to the past’s “dead hands” tether them.

Since taking control of Congress last year, Democrats have been increasingly more desperate and radical, with the apparent exceptions of Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both of whom keep finding themselves at odds with their party.

Collectively, the Democrat Party has been pushing to end the filibuster, grant statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington DC, expand the Supreme Court with liberal justices, and now, they want to change the rules of the Senate.

Democrats are drunk on power. However, it’ll never be enough. It is becoming clear, and it’s why they’ve alienated not just Republicans and Independents but also the moderates in their party.

Their own Senate Majority Leader is so desperate for power that he’s quoting the words of a dead KKK grand wizard. Yet, in the same breath, Democrats are quick to scream that conservatives have racist tendencies.